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It is hard to believe but this is a fact and a record that has been broken by President Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, who has provided funding for Kigembe Village in Kasulu district that has lacked formal water supply in the formal system for about half a century.

Since the establishment of Kigembe Village in 1976, a village located about 50km from Kasulu district, there has been a history of difficulties in accessing clean and safe water until May 2021 when clean and safe water project under Enabel that costs more than Tsh million 339 began its implementation.

The project that serves more than 3937 indigenous is expected to be completed during 31st  March 2022 with the water tank 100,000litre capacity as well as 9 located community water taps within the village.

Speaking to some of the community members about their feeling towards tackling the long-standing water challenge they thank the government for their concern and that the thought that the government has abandoned them does no longer exist.

Wilbrada Sheba a community member said women and children have been victims of access to water including delays in implantations of other development activities that include farming, being late at school as well as getting insults by their husbands.

“We walk long distances to get water, we walk not less than 30 minutes to reach the water source, and when we get there we have to wait a little longer like another 30 minutes and even more depending on the season, it delays our activities, and we also get tired, one can’t afford to fetch 10 buckets a day” Described Sheba.

On her side Johari Bakari, Mumtundu suburb chairperson in Kigembe village said, they have been depending on water from harvesting rainwater, rivers, and ponds and that it becomes so tough during the dry season when many ponds dry and some rivers water reduces its volume or even drying too.

“The bad side of missing water is that we are using water the same area with livestock there is no place to water them except in areas where we also fetch water for domestic use, there is no way we can avoid water-borne diseases,  we thank the government for helping us get water,” Said Sheba.

The village chairperson Haruna Athuman said, it’s a relief for the community to get water for they have been suffering from water-born disease, he also insists that the government should look for the alternative area to water livestock for their large number, mixing them with a human beings in getting water is not proper for people’s health.

On the side of Rural water supply and sanitation agency (RUWASA) Kasulu district manager Edward Kisalu said, apart from Kigembe water project there is also other projects under COVID 19 funding that includes Shunguliba project more than Tsh million 495 and Kigondo project Tsh million 497, under Enabel funding, there is Mdyanda project that costs Tsh215 and that after the accomplishment of all these projects the water supply lever will raise from 62% to 77%.

Writer: Adela Madyane – Buha FM Kigoma

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