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UNESCO under its SDC Project has kicked off a five days capacity-building workshop on Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship for the Network of Community Media in Tanzania (TADIO).  

The objectives of the session are to build the capacity of secretariat staff and board members on entrepreneurship and thus enable TADIO as well as member radios to create various sources of income for their sustainability.  

I am pleased  that TADIO secretariat staff are very active and pleased that TADIO has earned recognition from the government and other development partners. Donors would like to see you achieve the goals you have set for yourself  as TADIO in making sure you have more sources of income to be self-sufficient but also to help community radios earn more revenue, Rose Mwalongo Project Officer from UNESCO.

Rose Mwalongo the project officer from UNESCO Dar es Salaam

The session slated for September 3-7, 2020 takes place in Morogoro and brings together secretariat staff for the network as well as board members.  “We still have a long way to go, TADIO board and secretariat staff have to strategize and establish various projects for the network by helping radio members to become sustainable”, said TADIO Chairman Prosper Kwigize.  

Mr. Prosper Kwigize, The Chairperson of Tanzania Development Information Organisation (TADIO)

In Tanzania, UNESCO through funding from the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) supports 25 community radios and the Network of Community Media in Tanzania, (TADIO) a network with 35 members comprising of 34 community radios and Pemba Press Club.

The support is meant to ensure that people in Tanzania, especially the poor, women and girls, have the capacity to make informed decisions on issues that affect their daily lives based on access to relevant, culturally appropriate, gender-responsive accurate information and knowledge.  

The coverage of Community radio stations under the network is 74 percent of the United Republic of Tanzania, with a total estimated population of 33 million people.  UNESCO conducts the session with funding from the SDC and technical support from Empower Limited.

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