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The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tanzania Country Director Dr. Mahesh Swaminathan through Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS) has commended CDC/PEPFAR “Afya Hatua” project’s efforts in providing appropriate HIV care treatment and support services to the residents of Kigoma region. 

Dr. Mahesh made the promise of cooperation earlier this week when he met with government leaders in Kigoma region as well as leaders of the health department who are implementing and managing a specific project to coordinate and combat the spread of the HIV virus named AFYA HATUA implemented by THPS with funding from the CDC

“We are judged with partnership where there is an impact and for the case of Kigoma there is great achievement and people’s lives are saved and that’s make it ease for me when I go back home to ask for more partnership for when you place money in Kigoma it doesn’t go wasted” Said Swaminathan

Dr. Mahesh (right) in meeting with health expert in Kigoma region during his official visit

Dr. Swaminathan in his meeting with Kigoma’s Regional Commissioner Hon. Thobias Andengenye, Regional Administrative Secretary, Regional Health Management Team members (RHMT), and Council health managers, he received an overview of PEPFAR support and regional achievements. 

On his remarks , Dr. Mahesh was impressed with the great job done by THPS collaboratively with the regional authority leading to healthier citizens of Kigoma.

Dr. Mahesh talking to health leaders in Kigoma region as well as THPS officials who are implementing a health project sponsored by CDC

Visiting at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Dr. Mahesh appreciated comprehensive CDC-supported HIV activities including prevention, care and treatment services, and COVID-19 vaccination implemented through collaborations between R/CHMT, the Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS), Danish Refugees Council (DRC), Médecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), and Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC).

Citing achievements on COVID- 19 pandemic, Swaminathan has congratulated the regional authority and THPS for much efforts of vaccinating the indigenous and other people from outside as the percentage have raised from 5 percentage in 2021 to 107 in 2022 regardless of huge movements within the region and in camps.

Dr. Mahesh the CDC Director during his visit in Nyarugusu refugee camp

Dr. Robert Rwebangira, the district medical officer for Kasulu  said through collaborating with THPShia district has successfully increased the number of fully vaccinated individuals from 12,213 in January 2022 to 287,761 by December 2022 and exceeded the Ministry of Health target.

Tracing COVID-19 vaccination achievement in Nyarugusu refugees camp, Gildas Katabanya, CTC technician forTanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) said they succeeded in vaccinating 104 percentage of refugees up to December 2022 from worse situation of one percentage in June 2022.

​To speak on Dr. Redempta Mbatia THPS Executive Director said in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, THPS plans to integrate COVID- 19 vaccination services at all health center’s departments.

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Along with meeting with the Kigoma Regional Commissioner, the leaders of the Kigoma regional secretariat, Dr. Mahesh also visited the regional hospital “Maweni”, the Kasulu district hospital and the Burundian and DRC refugee camp located in the village of Nyarugusu in the Kasulu district where he was pleased with the implementation of various project activities.

This story was prepared by Adela Madyane and edited by Prosper Kwigize in a multimedia format, courtesy of THPS and CDC

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