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Adela Madyane-Kigoma

Kigoma region is the hub of economic development among the Great Lakes region countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, and Zambia is affected by meaningful electricity to introduce small industries for raw materials production and empower more than 25 people economically.

The region whose electricity depends on fuel is not sufficient to run industries and produce products that fulfill the needs of member countries and it requires grid electricity to open up the region for proper benefit.

speaking during the Tanganyika business summit in Kigoma region the Chairperson of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) Abdul Mwilima said, there must be the proper supply of electricity to attract business people and investors in industries for the best result of the community economic development as well as its neighboring countries.

“it, is not only electricity that burdens economic development to people within these countries, but there are also must be the need to improve on transportation infrastructures in roads and railways to allow cargoes arrive on time rather than waiting for the goods for about six months to land in Congo from Dar-es-Salaam, it reduces the morale of doing business and might cut down the capital,” said Mwilima.

The power supply system from Rusumo Falls to Rwanda and Burundi as well as western Tanzania (photo by P. Kwigize)

He added that, Kigoma airport has to be expanded to allow international flights to land and thus allow people easy come for business from these countries and that for the year 2019 the business via Kigoma to Zambia, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi amounted to $2400 and must try to remove all forms of unwanted tariffs.

On his side, Regional Commissioner Tobias Andengenye has asked the authority to work effectively and efficiently and get rid of corruption and bureaucracy for investors and business people won’t like and they will likely disappear because of such acts.

“Let us build our industries using our own resources, and the renovation of infrastructures has to be sustainable, the government is ready to collaborate with private sectors to create an enabling business environment between the member countries,” said Andengenye

From Burundi, ahead of the business chamber Habonayo Boniface said the great lakes countries have to lift up themselves from poverty and stop being slaves to Western counties for they have the power and capacity to eliminate poverty in unity.

On his side the managing director of Industrial Development Corporation from Zambia Dominic Bwala said, the outcome of this meeting shall be patterning and collaboration to facilitate trade across the border to bring ongoing development within the regions.

Moreover, the wish of Rwanda’s government is to see this summit commit to engaging Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) with other countries of the East African Community (EAC) with the vision of an African common market and free trade area.

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