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After a long time waiting, finally; the government of Tanzania and Burundi have come to the conventional agreement of proceeding with the implementation of the construction of the railway to connect their country and support the economic growth of the two countries

Today’s conventional agreement that was signed by ministers of infrastructure, Deo Nsanganiyumwami from Burundi and Makame Mbarawa from Tanzania will give the room to look for contractors to start implementation of the Tabora, Uvinza railway project within two months.

The railway project that will start from Uvinza Tanzania to Msongati in Burundi with the aim of opening financial situation within the two countries and broader will approximately need $950 million to be accomplished.

Talking during the signing the infrastructure minister from Tanzania Makame Mbarawa said, after the accomplishment of Tabora Uvinza railway construction, they will then construct the 156km from Uvinza to Malagarasi the border areas of Burundi and Tanzania, and then 126km from Malagarasi to Gitega in Burundi.

The Finance and infrastructure ministers Burundi and Tanzania in group photos with others officials from the two countries after the signing of the agreement. Photo By. Adela Madyane (Buha FM)

“The railway project is standard, the construction is of standard gauge, the passenger train will travel with the speed of 160 per hour while the cargo train will travel 120km per hour” Said Mbarawa

He also added that as currently, Burundi is depending on Dar-es-Salaam port for transportation, the presence of the railway will assist the opening of transportation of their minerals to different countries that are located in the Msongati area.

On his side Hon. Mwigulu Nchemba the minister of finance from Tanzania said the history is going to be made by the leaders of the countries of Tanzania and Burundi by building a railway built by Africans and that the capital for implementation will be obtained 

The infrastructure minister from Burundi Deo Nsanganiyumwami said, they will put commitment and reiterate all that is necessary to implement of railway project and that they already have undergone the bilateral agreement for funding of the project.

“The government of Burundi is convinced to implement this project because its key and crucial role to boost the national economy and opening of the country’s economy as well as transportation role that is why we need this project to quickly start” elaborated Nsanganiyumwami. 

On his side, Dieudonne Dukundane Executive Secretary Central Corridor said the implementation of this railway project will assist strengthen the business relationship between Burundi, Tanzania, and DR Congo and reduce businesses challenge to transportation. 

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Written by: Adela Madyane- Buha FM Kigoma

Edited by: Prosper Kwigize

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