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I hope it will be a unique visit that will bring hope to us, we are tired of this life, we need a lasting solution to peace in our countries, we hope the visit of these ambassadors will have the right answer and not bring us back It is the statement of one of the refugees who spoke to BUHA over the phone.

The United Nations Refugee Agency UNHCR is facilitating a joint visit for six ambassadors from four European Union countries, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland to the refugee camps in Kigoma from 1-4 June 2021.

The ambassadors, many of whom are foreigners and have never visited refugee camps, have been accompanied by other UNHCR officials and organizations working to provide services to refugees.

The ambassadors are as follows

1.  H.E Peter VAN ACKER: Ambassador, Kingdom of Belgium

2.  H.E Mette Norgaard DISSING-SPANDET: Ambassador, Kingdom of Denmark

3.  H.E. Regine HESS: Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany

4.  H.E Jeroen VERHEUL – Ambassador, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

5.  H.E David CONCAR – High Commissioner, United Kingdom.

6.  H.E Didier CHASSOT – Ambassador, Swiss Confederation

During the visit, the Ambassadors will meet and interact with refugees in Nduta, Mtendeli, and Nyarugusu refugee camps. They will also meet with local authorities and humanitarian partners working in the region. 

At the end of the visit, the six ambassadors and the UNHCR Representative, Mr. Antonio Jose Canhandula, will hold a joint media briefing in Kigoma, as indicated below.

The hopes of many refugees from Burundi and the DRC are their countries to find peace, yet many are reluctant to return to their home countries with the hope of finding refuge in Europe, the United States and Australia, believing that asylum in those countries could be a solution permanence of their refuge.

However, the plans of the Tanzanian government, which were ratified by Burundi and the UNHCR, are to continue to repatriate all refugees who are willing to do so.

The Mtendeli refugee camp is expected to close this month with all refugees relocating to Nduta camp.

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