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Rural water supply and sanitation agency (RUWASA) in Kigoma region is encouraging communities in Uvinza district Nguruka ward to use chlorinated water from protected water sources and stop using water from wells that are not treated.

The community in Nguruka has been using water from wells for decades until it became a habit regardless of the water infrastructure located in their areas.

This came out after a visit to NGURUKA water projects in Nguruka ward that serves villages of Nguruka, Nyangabo, and Bweru and found out many people are still using shallow wells and unprotected sources.

Talking to BUHA FM, RUWASA district manager  Jefta Julius said, out of 43,000 indigenous only 105 people use household tap water and that there are 55 community taps but people don’t seem to use the water.

” This project source comes from Malagarasi river, 18.9 km to water tanks of 500,000liters, it costs more than  2.8 billion, I call people to use this useful project for our own good and keeping our health safe,” Said Julius.

Ellaboratively  Rashid  Rukanya, a project secretary said, currently the project uses diesel to pump water into the tanks leading to high operation costs, and asking people to use tap water to reduce operating costs for many usages leads to fewer costs contributions.

We used to pump water twice a month, to pump once it costs more than Tsh 400,000, for the citizen to get the water they have to pay Tsh 2500 per unit which is indeed a high price to people but to run the project that has to be done” stressed Rukanya.

Rukanya is asking the government to find an alternative way of using solar energy or TANESCO to place electrical power from Mlyabibi to Nguruka so that many citizens can start benefiting from the project.

On the side of citizens, Melania Kibiriti said, they use unprotected water sources for washing cloth and other domestic chores with exception of drinking water which they get from the tap.

It is costs to fulfill our needs by using water from the taps, if you have a huge family you can spend Tsh 2000 per day, for instance, one bucket of 20liters is bought 100, the government should help us reduce the cost for water is essential for us and we like to use the protected source,” Said Kibiriti.

Adding Hawa Saleh said, it is important for the government to reduce the costs and that they are contributing to necessities that might be needed like manpower just to get tap water at home as the motto of RUWASA says.

Writer: Adela Madyane,

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