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Medical teams International which provides health services to refugees and locals in the Kigoma region has provided assistance worth more than 2 billion shillings to support the strengthening of health services for the people of Tanzania including refugees and their host in the Kigoma region

Reporting to the Minister of Health Hon. Ummy Mwalimu represented by Kigoma regional Commissioner Thobias Andengenye who visited Nyarugusu refugee camp and Kasulu district council, Resident Director of Medical Teams International (MTI) Dr. George Mwita, noted that the assistance provided includes medical equipment, medicines, infrastructure, and capacity building for community-level health workers

Dr. Mwita noted that Medical Teams International as well as providing services to refugees from Burundi and the DRC also aims to support the efforts of the Tanzanian government to reduce maternal and child mortality by implementing various reproductive health interventions especially for mothers and children who have been facing many health challenges.

He emphasized that, in pursuit of this goal, the medical teams had saved more than 4237 pregnant women by giving birth to a healthy baby without the death of any single pregnant woman at a facility
Mwita pointed out that Kigoma region is a major beneficiary of health support and assistance provided by donors who came to the country for refugees and that through MTI only Kigoma has received medical aid worth more than one billion shillings for various community hospitals as well as refugee health centers in Kakonko, Kasulu, Kibondo, and Kigoma districts
For his part, Minister Ummy Mwalimu through the Kigoma regional commissioner CP Andengenye, commended and thanked Medical Teams International for agreeing to work with the government to address various health challenges, especially the provision of medical equipment, construction of facilities to provide medical services, and capacity building for government staff and community-level health service providers.

Meanwhile, Andengenye on behalf of the minister of health Ummy Mwalimu has inaugurated the construction of a surgical building under financial support from MEdical teams International at the new Kasulu district hospital which despite having a lot of modern infrastructures is plagued by a severe shortage of staff.

According to the Kasulu district medical officer Dr. Robert Rwembangira, the hospital is required to have 200 staff of various departments but currently has only 25 staff equivalents to 15% of the required standards

Rwebangira made it clear that despite the support they receive from various donors, including UN agencies, service delivery is still uncertain due to the lack of staff especially doctors, nurses, and midwives which led the community to travel to seek services in other hospitals including in a refugee camps

He called upon the government to recruit enough staff to keep pace with the national health policy especially at a time when the challenges of epidemics especially COVID 19 threaten the well-being of the nation especially the health sector.

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