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Adela Madyane-Kigoma

WATER Minister Jumaa Aweso has directed Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RUWASA) general meeting to discuss the way forward to make Lake Tanganyika a main source of water to supply in the whole Kigoma region as it will progressively abandon the use of groundwater for fresh water from the Lake.

He said the region should start designing big water projects and not depend on well as water sources from within the society that requires a huge amount of money and yet leads to the poor water supply to serve people’s need in some areas which will also help women fetch water within 400 meters from household to fulfill 2002 national policy.

According to National Development Vision 2025 that targets the increase of water supply in urban by 95% and in rural areas by 85%, the minister said in Kigoma region the supply relied on 67% for 2021-2022 FY and needs to improve up to 79% in FY 2022/23

“ The government have issued 24 billion to run 49 pending and new water projects in this region, I do not expect to see citizen suffering from an insufficient water supply, you have to work hard and remove all bureaucracy procurement and financial procedures to make sure projects run smoothly and timely”

The Water Minister Mr. Juma Aweso (seated in the middle) in a group photo with Kigoma water authority leaders

Meanwhile, the minister has advised the meeting to work as a team and avoid under expenditures that might raise query in the next financial year for nuisance over each other won’t make them any good.

“ You have to work as a team make the dream team you want by sticking together and create strong working bones between yourselves, you must avoid any operation weakness above all you should also improve on media use for your doing a great job and yet people do not recognize,” Said the Aweso

Speaking on behalf of citizen Assa Makanika a member of parliament from Kigoma North province said its a good thing that experts have to come up with a strategic plan to make Lake Tanganyika a source of water supply in collaboration with the Malagaralasi river for there some areas since independent they don’t have water like in Mkabogo village.

“On the challenge of procurement of goods I advise the procurement to be brought under district level because people are suffering from lack of water from long procurement procedures, project contractors as well as service providers are not paid timely, it’s a big burden, “ said Makanika

Makanika has asked the minister to facilitate the accomplishment of the Kalinzi water project worthy of 800 million which is still pending for sometimes as well as Mkongoro one project which upon its handling to the community will serve nine villages with more than 21000 residents

On his side, Nashon Bidianguze Kigoma south member of parliament said community members are tired of using small water sources within their villages for they won’t last long, yet government funds are being spent and asked the government to implement all pending projects that will allow experts to create new projects to serve people and save their lives

On her side, Muhabwe MP Frolence Samizi said regardless of water challenges in her province, only 12 out of 50 villages lack sufficient water
and that they are now collecting 20 from the spending of 10 million monthly which is a great step from the collection of two million in past years 2018

She said “Despite the good work which is being done, the ministry still has a long way to go to ensure donors operating within the country have to adhere to rules and regulation citing Enable who have had a water project worth two million in Kibondo district and yet no progress is seen for many years now

RUWASA Director-General Clement Kivegalo said they will discuss several takeaways on the issues that have been most challenging for the water ministry which include procurement of materials, late payment to project contractors and other service providers as well as ensuring ease methods of supplying safe and clean water in Kigoma region and entire Tanzania.

Let us remember that President Samia Suluhu Hassan directed the Ministry of Water to oversee water projects and make sure that they are appropriately implemented to supply clean and safe water to all citizens before 2025 and it is the duty of all of us to fulfill that.

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