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Rural water supply and sanitation agency (RUWASA) in Kibondo district has clustered the number of community-based water society organizations (CBWSO) to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of controlling water usage under the community level.

The CBWSO that were 28 in number missed an authority and capacity to stand over the water-related issues the reasons made the water authority clustered them into 4 to sustain proper water Management.

This was analyzed by RUWASA district manager Eng. Robert Msabile in Kibondo district while addressing the completed and ongoing water projects to be accomplished in June 2022 that will benefit 195,869 beneficiaries in Kibondo rural

He said currently Kibondo district is running 7 water projects that will serve 8 villages of Mambamba, Kifura, Kitahana, Twabagodonzi, Kumsenga, Rubanga, Bitale, and Kumshwabhule and that after the finishing of these projects the water coverage will raise from 66.9% up to 75%.

” We have decided to cluster the number of CBWSO to reduce the water loose and make them accountable like we have managed to reduce water lose from 55% to 34%,” He said.

On the other side, Kibondo water and Sanitation Authority (KIWASA) manager Aidan Katomela said, the water supply in Kibondo town has increased from 33%to 55% for the year 2020-2021 and that more than 55,000 people benefiting from the project.

He added that they are currently running water filter projects for water treatment at the Mgoboka water source for during rain season water becomes polluted as the result of poor water quality and is not good for human consumption.

Writen by. Adela Madyane – Buha FM

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