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Some journalist from Tanzania regions of Kigoma, Tabora and Katavi, are trained on reporting factual information of human activities as the main source of environment destruction and climatic change for actions taking

The one day training funded under Good Harvest Tanzania and Buha Fm insists on the importance of journalist to involve citizen in combating the effects of the climatic change by educating them to protect nature and avoid further environment destruction for better tomorrow.

Following the climatic challenges in the country Filbert Chundu a director of Good Harvest Organisation said, the aim of training is to make journalists competent in reporting climatic issues for currently there are seen bad outcome of environmental destruction which needs to be  contested to rescue the world.

On her side the  guest of honor Silesi Malli, said, journalist are the key for information sharing, them being trusted by the community, they need to use their pens to educate and help them identify the bad effects of environment destruction for behavior change.

Representing journalists Deogratius Nsokolo, a president of Union of Tanzania Press Clubs have asked the journalist to join forces and report environment and climatic change crisis for better living.

Adela Madyane

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